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Red Dog WiFi Solutions is a community minded movement to connect people,
places and things with fast, reliable, secure WiFi.

Our Story

Red Dog WiFi Solutions was started by Sheena and Matt Erney in 2016 as a spin-off from an IT division of The Social Firm, a marketing agency. Red Dog is a woman-owned, community minded business. We’re here to bridge the gap in WiFi education, deploy smart & efficient WiFi solutions and serve those in need in our community.

Red Dog WiFi has helped dozens of businesses just like yours solve their WiFi headaches. Whether you are planning schematics for a new building or integrating WiFi into your existing business, good WiFi service is both urgent and important. We feel your pain, which is why we started Red Dog WiFi. In 2013, we began identifying and deploying WiFi systems at scale. This led us to develop a simple 3 step process to deploy WiFi in buildings like yours.

Once you reach out to Red Dog, we’ll design a plan, deploy your system and then help you keep it up to date with the latest security updates. Take the pain out of the process. Are you ready to be done messing with the WiFi? Schedule a free assessment today and settle this once and for all!

Our Vision

Smarter communities with better connected people, places and things.

Our Mission

1. To educate the community and act as a catalyst for wireless technology, speed, security and opportunity.

2. Creating a consistent, unique experience for residents and visitors with communities and businesses.

3. Providing wireless internet access to underserved and underprivileged neighborhoods in the community, enhancing the education of children and enabling better access to the job lifecycle for young adults and parents.

Meet Our Founders

Red Dog WiFi is a family-owned, woman-owned business.

Sheena Erney - Red Dog WiFi Solutions

Sheena Erney

Meet Sheena, our Alpha Female! Sheena knew that when children came into the picture, the direction of her career would change forever. Before co-founding Red Dog WiFi, Sheena spent 12+ years as a business analyst in the corporate world and understands the demanding needs and power of technology.

Sheena is passionate about giving back and improving the lives of the under-served and under-privileged in our community.

Matt Erney - Red Dog WiFi Solutions

Matt Erney

Matt has helped hundreds of organizations navigate the waters of wired and wireless networking. Matt grew up with an inquiring mind, taking things apart and putting them back together (much to the chagrin of his parents).

Matt hosts two charitable events each year, The Chili Champs Cookoff and the Erney Tourney golf outing.  Both events raise money for noble causes.

The Red Dog Way: Our Promises To You

The Red Dog Way:
Our Promises
To You

Exceptional Value

Exceptional Value

We may not be the cheapest solution, but we are the best bang for your buck. We provide high-quality technology for less, without cutting corners. We’ll also work with your internet service provider to ensure your WiFi is fully supported.

Independent Advice

Independent Advice

Our recommendations are based on what you need. Not what the giant internet service providers want. If your current internet provider works for you, great! If not, we’ll find one what’s right for you.

Happiness Guarantee

Happiness Guarantee

Your happiness is our goal. So, if you’re not happy within 30 days of install, we’ll do what it takes to make it right.

Community Outreach

Community Outreach

We believe in you and your community. In addition to providing reliable, secure, and wicked fast WiFi to our customers, we are committed to local families and communities. Our Red Dog Community Outreach programs help families create meaningful change, as well as strengthening local communities.

Let’s Do This!

Contact us today to schedule your free, unbiased WiFi assessment and strategy. Red Dog is your WiFi’s new best friend.

Red Dog is actively committed to building smarter cities and educating the people.  We grow as civilization when we unite people, places and things through technology.




P: 614.505.WIFI (9434) E:
1654 E. Broad St. 2nd Floor
Columbus, OH 43203

1654 E. Broad St. Columbus, OH 43203 - (614) 505-9434

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Red Dog is actively committed to building partnerships, developing technology solutions, and educating our community.




P: 614.505.WIFI (9434)
1654 E. Broad St. 2nd Floor
Columbus, OH 43203

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